New Trends in Roofing That Have Excellent Street Appeal

In Roofing by Rita Gibson

New roofing trends appear all the time. From dark and shiny metal roofs that are designed for absorbing sunlight in areas where the climate is very cold, to unique colors and textures meant to make your home look unique and cool, you’ll find that the internet is filled with unique and unusual ideas that actually work to make one’s roof more stylish.

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Of course, street appeal is great for adding resale value to a home. In that context, it’s great to go for something a little more conservative, but that can still add a great deal of street appeal to attract buyers. When you’re installing a new roof for yourself, however, the sky is the limit in terms of the creativity that you and an Aurora roofing contractor can employ.

What Is Street Appeal?

When you’re doing research to figure out how to sell your home, you might come across the phrase “street appeal” or “curb appeal.” Both these phrases essentially mean the same thing, and they have to do with the exterior appeal of a home. Higher street appeal means that the home is fashionable and designed to look great from the outside. Your visitors will be impressed and your neighbors will be envious.

The impact of a new roof on street appeal is actually very well-documented. Experts have shown research and statistics pointing to good street appeal as being one of the most important advantages of buying a new roof. Of course, even though the functional capacity and durability of a roof is very essential, it will not carry a lot of weight when it comes to street appeal. Here it’s all about he image and how trendy and modern the roof would make your home look.

The Most Popular Trends for Good Street Appeal

Shiny and sleek metal roofing systems are more and more popular in this day and age. In many cases, metal roofs, cool roofs and solar panel roofs go hand in hand in promoting that modern, appealing technological look that a lot of people will grandly approve of. If you want your home to appeal to a buyer who loves technology, then one of these roofing styles will be a sure winner.

Green roofs are somewhat unique, but considered to be very stylish. With the shift towards “green” and eco-friendly products, it’s easy to see how green roofs are becoming so popular these days. They are in line with new environmental trends, and they also look very refreshing.

Traditional asphalt and composite roofing textures are making a comeback these days. Composite shingles looking similar to wood shakes are considered an elegant approach, while the traditional style of asphalt shingles seems to have reached a kind of timeless status that people definitely don’t fail to recognize even more than two decades into the 21st century.

Finally, slate and terracotta roofs are also recognized as being highly popular especially in inland areas and towards the south. Terracotta roofing has always been a type of roof that people from the South and from Spanish America have opted for, and these days it seems like the style is more popular than ever.