How to Prepare Your Roof for Storm Season in Florida

In Roofing by Rita Gibson

The climate in the state of Florida makes the storms in the area quite violent in some cases. Hurricanes are definitely not unheard of, and even some of the so-called milder thunder storms can bring high speed winds and lead to extensive roofing damage that will cost a lot of money to repair.

Fortunately, Florida is also home to experienced roofers who know how to deal with these types of issues. They can recommend preparation steps and tips that will keep your roof safe all year round and prepare it for even the harshest storms that could hit during storm season.

Finding Your Roof’s Main Weak Points

The thing about storms as powerful as those that hit Florida during the stormy season is that even the smallest roofing issue you might have will be literally blown out of proportion once the storm passes. Leaks are likely to get worse and grow in numbers, while any cracked or broken shingles could be blown away by the strong winds. Flashing damage is also likely to worsen as the pressure created by the wind intensifies around the valleys of your roof, and that can also lead to more leaks, potentially causing hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of water damage, if left unchecked.

Finding your roof’s most important weak spots before the storm season is extremely important. Experts recommend you check with your local roofers and organize a detailed roofing inspection to find out whether any roofing problems might need to be addressed before the storm season arrives.

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Your friendly local roof repair Pensacola FL contractors will examine your roof in great detail and provide you with their expert opinions and recommendations as to what you need to do. While, in some cases, basic maintenance and cleaning tasks will be enough, in others you might have to invest into repairing or restoring some areas of your roof, or into acquiring roofing upgrades and additions such as roof coating, metal flashing or a resilient gutter system with dependable gutter guards.

Tips for Having Your Roof Properly Repaired

Once the roof repair Pensacola FL experts have provided you with the verdict as to the condition of your roof and what needs to be done to fix it, it’s only a matter of organization and investing in the right materials, to get it fixed properly.

While, with some roofing cement and replacement shingles, you can fix the problem when it comes to missing or broken shingles, other problems will require the expertise of your local roofing contractors. They will likely have to examine some leaks more closely and even tear down a part of your roof to fix any serious problems regarding the underlayment and the rest of the internal structure.

For best results, make sure you organize your roofers’ efforts and your DIY roofing projects properly. Talk to your roofers in advance, and discuss how long their work might take. If the project is extensive, and might take you too deep into the storm season, it could be best to also consider alternative options, such as some quick patch up work or even a complete roof replacement – which, in some cases, could even take less time than a comprehensive repair project.