How to Pick a Roof that Gives You Street Appeal

In Roofing by Rita Gibson

Littleton roofing

The roof is that defining element of any house, which provides safety and a special look – if it is designed and installed correctly, using good quality materials.

Every home owner wants a beautiful roof that fits harmoniously with the details of their entire house. The offer of materials is diverse, for all types of building architectures (classic, modern or rustic) and roof type. Color is just as important, so there are various options on the market that meet the requirements of a successful Littleton roofing design.

Often, what catches our sight first when we see a house is the appearance of the roof. It depends on the material from which the roof is made from (there are roofing materials, such as ceramic tiles or slate, that look good in any context, while others are rather suitable for more particular styles), but also on its architecture, reflected by the slope of the roof.


The materials must be chosen according to the aesthetics of the house, the available budget, but also their resistance and the pressure exerted on the walls. Therefore, it is good to consult with a Littleton roofing specialist, before setting up your mind.

Roofing materials that ensure street appeal are primarily the natural ones – ceramic tiles, slate and wood shakes, but other materials can also create a special impression if they match the buildings and the surroundings, especially since some of them are designed to mimic very well the aspect of natural materials.


One of the first things to keep in mind when choosing the color of the roof is to match it with the rest of the exterior elements, including walls, doors, windows, fences, etc.

Basically, an ideal roof will have to be part of the same color range with other existing elements. Some people opt for a roof in a strong shade, out of the desire for their house to stand out and be as imposing as possible. However, such a choice can be very risky, so it is a good idea to consult a designer, especially since the investment in a roof is very long-term.

It would be good for the roof to be purchased together with all the necessary accessories, to be part of the same set, so that you can get the desired chromatic harmony.


There are many types of roofs, with simpler or more complex geometries.

Most houses have a gabled roof, i.e. triangular, because it is an accessible option, which allows the construction of an attic and easy drainage of rainwater. To get out of the monotony with such a roof, you will have to insist more on the aspects presented above (materials, textures, colors).

Single-sloped roofs are specific to modern homes.

The 4-sloped roof version is also popular, the slopes joining in a horizontal ridge, on the surface of which can be arranged a terrace. However, this is a more expensive project.

There are also roofs with combined shapes, which attract by their complexity.

Last but not least, there is the green roof, which definitely provides street appeal. In addition to the functional advantages, the green roof can become a unique design element.