How to Easily Protect Your Home from Long Term Damage: The Advantages of Leaf Gutter Guards

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contractor checking installation of plastic leaf guards

The advantages of leaf gutter guards are not often advertised, since gutter guards or gutter screens aren’t as popular when it comes to damage prevention, as some of the other important home improvements products you can find.


There are a lot of ways in which your home can be damaged and you don’t even realize it until it’s too late. Surprisingly, the basic installation of superior quality leaf gutter guards can help you prevent a lot of that damage before it happens, and save thousands of dollars that you’d otherwise have to spend on repairs.


Understanding the Main Purpose of Your Gutter Guards


Before considering some of the main advantages of leaf gutter guards, we have to ask: what are leaf gutter guards anyway?


If your home has gutters, and your trees grow taller than your home, you’ve probably noticed that leaves, branches and other debris tend to fall into your gutters. Now, this problem can easily be mended if you just climb up on a ladder and clean up the debris from time to time. However, that’s not always a practical measure, and you might simply not have time to do that as often as it’s needed.


Leaf gutter guards were designed to act as a screen for your gutters, and prevent debris from falling in and clogging the pipes. Rainwater can, therefore, flow freely, and cleaning your gutters will be a much less painstaking and uncomfortable job without all the pests and mold that would otherwise be present.


Now, all these considerations show that there are a lot of potential factors at play if you’re not using  gutter guards. Even though you might have spent a little more on gutter installation, gutters can still get clogged. Something as small as leaves being blown by the wind in the autumn can cause your gutters to be slowed down in their ability to get rid of excess rainwater.  Gutter guards help with the Wichita KS roofing needs to minimize roof repair within the communities.


Preventing Damage with Gutter Guards


The problems start appearing when your gutters are completely clogged. The weight of the excess rainwater can bend your gutters and damage your roof over the long haul. Rainwater can also spill around the gutters, damaging your siding, walls and even the foundation of your home.


These are serious problems that have to be addressed before they get worse. Failure to do so could lead to tens of thousands of dollars required for lengthy repairs in the following few years and decades.


Now, if you don’t like to worry about cleaning your gutters all the time, and you want assurances that your home won’t suffer from that magnitude of water damage, you can minimize any future repair costs by investing in gutter guards. The installation and material costs will typically be under $3,000 for a medium-sized home, and you also get a lengthy warranty that protects you in the event that the gutters are damaged, or that the installation proves to be less than satisfactory.


You can then rest assured that none of the damage that would otherwise occur will bother you. The main advantages of leaf gutter guards will appear clear after a few years, as you notice that your renovation costs have dropped significantly.