How to Choose the Best Siding Products for Kansas Homes

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Choosing The Right Products

Choosing the best siding products for Kansas homes can feel like an overwhelming task. If you are also in the process of finding the best material for the beautiful and durable new façade of your home in the Wheat State, read this short guide – we have compiled it to introduce you to some of the aspects that should determine your choice and to a few of the most popular siding solutions.  Siding and roofing Wichita homes can be one of the best investments you make in your home.

Aspects to Bear in Mind While Browsing Siding Products

Here are the most important criteria to determine your choice:

  • Water resistance – one of the principle roles of the siding on your home is to protect the exterior side of your walls against the impact of the weather, especially against humidity. Some siding varieties offer better water resistance than others, so pick the type that suits the humidity conditions of the area where you live.
  • Energy-efficiency – siding products come with an energy-efficiency rating called the R-value. The higher the value, the more efficient the product in terms of energy conservation. If the area where you live gets very cold or very hot periods, look for the highest R-value that you can afford.
  • Appearance – siding panels are used not only to protect the walls of the house, but also to confer the building the desired looks. The siding panels made from natural materials such as wood or stone are usually available in a limited range of colors and textures, while vinyl panels come in an almost unlimited variety.
  • Durability – siding materials are different in terms of warranty periods as well. Stucco, for example, comes with lifetime warranty, while wood siding panels can stay on your walls for shorter.
  • Maintenance – synthetic materials need almost no maintenance at all, while the panels made from natural materials need regular inspections, cleaning and coating.
  • Costs – the price of siding panels is determined by many factors, but you can prepare for the investment by predicting costs with the help of online siding cost calculators.

Types of Siding Materials

  • Vinyl – the most durable and most affordable siding material. Vinyl siding typically lasts 30-40 years without requiring owners to do a lot of maintenance work. Vinyl siding is resistant to termites, to humidity, it is easy to clean and insulated varieties come with high R-value, so they make the best choice for very hot or very cold regions,
  • Metal – another low-maintenance material that is not susceptible to water damage, pests and fires,
  • Wood – a very attractive, lightweight, but costly siding solution. Wood can be painted any color, it is easy to install and to repair (unlike other varieties that come in large panels, wood siding comes in smaller pieces that allow owners to repair only the panel that is chipped or damaged), but it needs regular maintenance and it is not recommended for fire-prone areas,
  • Fiber cement – cement is among the hardiest materials used for making siding panels. Cement siding is resistant to fire, to rot and to pests, it comes in various different textures and colors and it needs almost no maintenance.

The best siding products for Kansas are different for each home and for each homeowner – figure out what it is exactly that you expect of your siding panels and let those factors guide your search.