How to handle a roofing disaster?

In Roofing by Rita Gibson

You can rarely predict a disaster. Even agencies who are assigned the task to predict this disaster are not accurate with their information. So what to do with them? Frankly speaking there isn’t much you could do. These disasters can destroy everything in your path. But many times the frequency of disaster is not very high and thus it may only impact your roof. But the roof is a very important part of your house. So, how to handle these roofing disasters? Let’s find out.

1. Assess the damage
Whenever you have a bad rainstorm or a heavy snowstorm it will impact your roof. But there won’t be heavy damages always. Thus the best thing to do is assess to what extent has the damage been caused to the roof. This will also help you with preparing the budget and might also help you with insurance. Identify the damaged area, note down the estimated square area that has been damaged. Note down the severity of the damage and also note the missing objects.

2. Make temporary fixes to the damages.
When you assess the damages properly, make the temporary fixes to it. This will ensure that the extent of the damage remains same. This will help when your roof is directly above the interiors or the living room. Remove the valuables from underneath the damage and place a bucket under the leak. If there is a serious damage than it needs to waterproofed using an ice and water membrane or strapped tarping method.

3. Contact a reliable contractor for repair works
If the damage cannot be fixed by you or the extent of the damage is very high then you need to call the contractor. Make sure that the contractor you hire is a professional certified contractor. This will ensure the quality of the work. Avoid calling the contractors just for because they are in the close proximity to you. There are many traveling contractors available but they don’t have a reputation to uphold the work. Also, you might experience a substandard work being done.

4. Contact the insurance
Now that the damage has been done you don’t to sit and cry. Always look for ways to deal the situation better. One of them is to contact your insurance company if you have opted for a house insurance. But before calling insurance knows the extent of the damage and whether it is large enough to call the insurance company. If the damage is not large enough then it will be economical to hire a professional contractor rather than an insurance company. During natural disasters, you can easily contact your insurance company as all the contractors might be busy.
Above all whenever any damages are caused to your roof do not panic and keep calm, you will be to handle the situation better.